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2004 Rebuild- oil starved

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Seeking ideas to rebuild 2004 CRF 250X model.  The top-end starved for oil.  I am currently working on that: ie rings (most likely based on age and current ring gap), Main seal (rt side), oil pump (doubtful).  The bike may have been fairly low on oil to start with and was shut down at first sign of any problems. 




- Small aluminum particles found in pleets of oil filter.  Some also in oil.  Scavenge screen OK. 

- Cam lobes were BLUE.  Rocker arm was BLUE.  Intake buckets were BLUE. Exhaust Valve spring retainers were BLUE.

- Cylinder in excellent shape. 

- Bottom end looks OK ?  (from a color perspective anyway)/ Bearings feel tight near Rod


Parts replacement list thus far:

CAM shaft / bearings

CAM chain

Intake lift buckets

Rocker arm

Piston / Rings




- Rebuild bottom end?

- Rebuild Head?  New head vs rebuild?

- OEM cam ?

- Valves?  If they spec out, is it OK to keep old valves?


Any input is much appreciated. I would like to keep the bike so I do not want to cut too many corners but the parts list is starting to exceed the value of the bike. Thanks.

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I sure would want to know what caused the lack of lubrication to the engine.

IMO you need to remove the engine and dis assemble it completely if you havent already.

Its an 04 and the way it sounds its going to take alot of parts and labor to get it back in good shape so you may want to carefully consider the value of the bike vs the cost to repair it.

If you post some photos after dis assembling giving input or an opinion is easier.

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