I really understand what you're saying, I found myself sometimes into some awkward position to restart the beast.

It rarely accept to be restart into gear, that really piss me when it's happen, find the neutral, pull the hot start, put the kickstart into compression stroke, pull compression lever, lower kick 1 inch, reload kick start and kick.....

(usually 2-3 kick)(you should try some jetting change if your's didn't start that way)

sorry but the so-called much slower friend's DRZ is long gone away.....

And yes, when I can use it I use the decomp lever in downhill start, but with so much compression I normally had only 1 try before being completely stopped by the locked rear wheel

Yamaha should really do something about that "starting drill" on next models. It's a shame,

1975 way of doing things.

Last summer, entering my 1rst "enduro-cross", in a nasty rutted trail section,(strock suspension setting). I got totally exausted from crashing, get the bike back on wheel kicking, kicking....crashing, get the bike back on wheel, kicking, kicking.....damn these bikes are heavy....someone can lend me a

I bleed out my 2 Liter Hydrapack in one shot after 45 min of this menu and DNF....

But gosh I'd liked it...the ride ...not the gatorade...

my 2 cents


[ January 12, 2002: Message edited by: Dan_YZF ]

if you go to the DRD website and click on hot start , there is a section on how to start the bike. it is a movie of Doug Dubach talking you thru the process .

If you are having trouble starting the bike maybe its more of a jetting issue and not your technique. You may want to consult some of the jetting gurus, James Dean, Taffy etc. JD has also just published a jetting guide in the last week or so. Just my 2 cents.

Before buying my YZ426f, I rode a yz 250. This is my first 4 stroke. I love it, and will never go back. The only thing I miss about the yz 250 was how easy it was to start.

I usauly get the 426 started cold without much difficulty, but when I dump it, lay it down, or stall it hot, well thats a different story. Mostly I trail ride, I usualy run into dificulty on the side of some hill. First getting it into neutral. I found out real fast I cant pull the clutch in and kick it over. Once I get it into neutral, I got to find a spot so I can get into a position where I can kick it over. Now that Im wiped out cause my skinny puppy 150lb.6ft frame was working over time to move the beast, I proceed to kicking that bad ass toy over. I must kick that thing a billion times before it finaly fires.

Unlike my old 250 I also found out I could not simply get it coasting down hill put it into 3rd or 4th gear and dump the clutch to get it started. Te dealer told me when I bought the bike to never use the compression release when its running no problem there.

My Question is , if Im stuck on the side of some hill, could I put the bike into neurtral get it rolling,pull in the compression release just enough to get it running, with out damaging the engine. I tried it once, it worked, but I dont want to do it if it will damage the engine.

Also any advice on hot starting would be helpfull. I have never been able to start the bike hot using the hot start on the carb. I usualy just pull in the compression release and kick it over 15 or 20 times then get it over the compression stroke and work on starting it.

Thanks for any help advice you guys can provide.


When hot, FIRST pull the host start, THEN kick it around to the compression stroke. From this point you can continue with the normal drill, but do not use the throttle. It should start fairly easily.

As for the rolling start using the compression release, I've been told (by someone here, forgot who) that the compression release won't hang the valve open far enough to hit the piston so I don't see the harm in doing it this as as long as you release it as soon as it fires. Maybe someone else can offer more feedback on this.?.

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