07 yz450 making a humming noise

I am new to the dirt bike world but not to the 2 wheels . Been riding bmx and downhill for about 15 years ( like you want my back story ) I recently purchased an 07 yz450 last Friday . So pumped I have ridden it every day :). It runs great that I can tell but when starting it and idling and riding I am getting a humming noise from the engine area. Is this common on this type of dirt bike. Just wanted to see if I should have it checked out. The guy I bought it from babied it and serviced it regular . By the looks of it he never rode it as there were no scratches. There are now lol . I want to make sure I can keep on going out in the Palmdale hills every day like kurt did. Sucks it took me so long to get one . I have been missing out .

They make all kinds of noises, but humming isn't how I'd describe any of the normal ones I know of.  Most of what you usually hear is the transmission rattling around because of the jerky way that singles idle.  If you pop it in gear, or just pull the clutch in, it normally gets quieter immediately because you disconnect the trans from the engine by doing that.

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