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Home made tire change stand

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With a fence post, some metal rod, and a stool top you can make a pretty decent stand up tire change station. I've done about 6 tires so far with this setup. It works pretty good for a little over $20.



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1 hour ago, YHGEORGE said:

:thumbsup: How did you stabilize it?

Well the rod I used is  6' steel rebar, so it goes down the length of the fence post to the ground. It has some wobble and flex to it for sure, but it really doesn't seem to matter. One 19" rear tire that was really stuck on the rim caused the rebar to have a slight bend to it when I finally got the tire off. I just bent it straight again. Also the fence post itself is very deep, it doesn't budge.

There are a few of ways I thought of to make it totally steady, like fitting a cylinder of wood around the rebar inside of the fence post, or layering some sort of rubber or hose material around the base of it. I considered switching out the rebar for a threaded rod to fasten the wheel down, which is an option, but so far I haven't seen the need to change it. Plenty of room for improvement if desired.

When I am done with it I just pull the rod and stool top out of the post, put the post cap back on, and put the other 2 pieces in the shed. 

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