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Gearing Question and idle issues.

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Ok here we go, I have 1989 yz250 wr it has Fmf fatty, turbine core, boyseen power reeds, 9 oz flywheel weight, I'm running 13/52 gearing. So I had the gearing set up when I had stock pipe, reeds. I had to replace the pipe after I crushed the stocker, it was the only one available as were the reeds afterI discovered the old ones chipped. Now the power delivery is great in the wide open but as I get into the Nasty steep rocky root infested trails here in the Pacific west coast of Canada its like trying to ride a cheetah thats on fire. Any idea if higher gearing would help with this or is there a way to slow it down a bit tame the power. I have heard reed spacers, retarding timing, and other things help but I'm not sure if any of these work.


Item #2 idle. I have jetted this bike so it works perfectly where I ride. It is very responsive at all throttle openings. I just cant get it to idle when it warms up which is a bit of a pain when going down hill clutch in and it stalls. Any ideas ?

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