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2014 Post Winter Mods and Rides

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After a terrible winter I finally brought out the bike

and to my surprise it started in one click..

Im planning some mods this summer..


Last years mod..


TT case shields

Edge taillight with the 12oclock lab chip

Smaller LED signal lights

Zeta Levers

Solar Charger Plugs

Pro Taper CR-Hi


smaller Rearview mirrors

Two way alarm


This years "COMING SOON" Mods and Fixes


Cree Fog Lights

counter sprocket loctite fix

swing arm greasing or bearing replacement

Lowering Links

Front Wheel  bearing Replacement

Kickstarter installation

Jetting and 3x3


Rad Guard

Seat Concepts Low Profile Seat


Hope to get all the help I can get..coz I need a lot  :thumbsup:

Thanks ..ill update this Thread when theres some action...


Pics of my two babies!! ;)








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Got some time today and yesterday after work..

Installed my

Cree Foglights..I used the OEM reflector Bracket ..just drilled it out a little bigger and I also installed a


12 V /USB COMBO Power Port ...for the GPS/Cellphone/ and Pump


Wish I have more time to tinker....


Heres the link of the USB/12V Power Port combo from Evilbay  $11.99

in case anybody is interested














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Just did the Counter Shaft  Sprocket Loctite Fix..


Thanks E. Marquez and Noble for the procedure.


Im glad I did it, my sprocket  can be rocked by hand and there almost no torque on the Nut


things I found out..

Its better to do the fix with a brand new sprocket

coz you dont need to clean it much(Lazy me)

I bought a repair kit but decided not to use it coz theres no leak and the spacer is still good

I think I put too much loctite(will watch for leaking gasket)

I almost installed  the sprocket the wrong way...its good my son is with me

its hard to torque the nut..I have to bring down the jack so that the tire is on the ground

to keep it from spinning..

I folded opposite sides of the washer ,dont know if it matters but I did it because I can :lol:


Thanks TT !!!






[/url]" style="font-size: 14px;">http://IMG_20140506_183435.jpg

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