whos running what for skid plates? plastic/aluminum?

hi everybody... really itchn' to start riding up here in maine. almost done rebuilding my 08 450 and wondering who is running what for skid plates. im looking for full coverage plate as my bike is a woods bike. ive had aluminum ones on my other bikes but my last bike had a plastic one..seemed rugged enough..quiet too.    thoughts???

Works connection full coverage aluminum plate!!

Of course Aluminum full coverage is going to be the best protection but my new (used) bike has a plastic one.  It seems sufficient for 99% of any foreseeable impacts.  Quiet too and doesn't alter the rigidness of the frame as some claim aluminum does.

I have a Cycra plastic skid plate now and have had aluminum skid plates in the past. I don't think I'll ever do a metal skid plate again.

The plastic just slides over rocks and trees where as the metal seemed to grind over rocks and chew through trees.

Plastic takes roost and smal stuff but aluminum helps on those rock slammers

+1 on the Cycra plastic. Quite and capable.

ive only seen the full coverage cycra ones for the 2010 and up mines an 08. how much difference in the frames between 2010 and 08?

I have an 09 YZ450 so I just order the one for the WR.  Removed the factory glide plate and the flimsy plastic water pump cover and bolted it right on.  The one I got didn't have the holes pre-drilled but that was no big deal.

I also drilled some ventilation holes in there to help with engine air cooling.

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Tmdesign works is the best out there and it covers everything.

Tmdesign works is the best out there and it covers everything.

they make one for my 08?

they make one for my 08?

Yes, they do.

A friend of mine has a plastic skid plate , not sure of brand ,on his 350xcf. I can easily push it in against the sidecase with my foot. I guess to each his own , but if it can be pushed in that easily , i wouldnt trust it to protect my cases. I run a full wrap ktm hardparts aluminum on my 450sxf. Sure i noticed a little more noise initally , but i no longer notice it. i cant understand why , if you are going to slap a skid plate on to protect an expensive engine why put something on that offers less protection . I know the pros bikes look good with the pretty plastic plates, but one thing a guy has to remember,,,they dont pay to replace broken engine cases. I ride in rocky mountainous terrain, no way in hell id trust a piece of plastic.

Go to tm designers.com they make all kinds of bad ass protection stuff for woods riders

I ride exclusively MX and typically no rocks so plastic works for my needs just fine.

Plastic skid plates are the best route they deflect more stuff and disperse 80 percent of the shock load. U will actually bend an aluminum skid plate and break ur case be for a plastic one. I've done it. Plastic also slides way better over trees and what not. I put the wrong web address up it is tmdesignworks.com

GYTR Aluminum enduro

Works connection full wrap. I don't buy that a plastic is tougher than an aluminum one. I ride GP tracks with lots of rocks that's why I chose aluminum. If a strictly rode mx definitely would use a plastic one though.

If you can push your skidplate in against your engine cases , so can a rock , log , or anything else.

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