WR400 rebuild mileage?

Looking at buying a 99 WRF400 , I've heard that these motors need rebuilding pretty often being based off of a YZF, so how many km (or miles) before it will need one?


It's done 10 000km (6200 Miles) , so would that mean its getting close to needing one? its never been raced and from what I can tell, its been pretty well looked after.


only reason i'm asking is it's dirt cheap, i'd rather spend my money on an XR400, but if the WR is still alright, i'd consider buying it.

Well myne has about 20,000km and still goes strong. Only had a valve adjustment and cam chain replacement. I Also had the primary drive nut and clutch hub nut work loose so keep an eye out for that.

They're a pretty tough old motor, but I'm sure at some stage myne will need a top end at least.

Will need oil changes much more often than an xr, depending on type of riding between 500-1000km between changes

Mine was still running hard with 15,000 on the odometer.

Rod bearing finally faded away at that point and started knocking pretty bad. still rode in from a long ride on it like that tho.


Never any maintenance or parts replaced other than oil changes.

(my uncle the OG owner apparently didnt believe in preventative maintenance)


When I tore it down everything looked great and the valve adjustment was still on the money.


My neighbor also has a 98 WR with tons of hrs/ miles on it. it smokes a little but runs hard and has never needed a wrench turned on it.

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