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Help with bogging issue

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Hey guys, we have a 99 KX 125 that's always been dead reliable. No matter the what the thing always runs great and is always well maintained. We were riding Saturday and all was well until after our 2nd break. All of the sudden it would bog bad when it landed from a jump. With some feathering of the throttle it would rev back up and do fine until the next jump landing and it would do it again. It was fine through whoops, rollers, corners and straights, but every jump landing it would happen. It would gurgle for a few seconds like it was rich then take right back off. We're not sure where to start and were hoping for some guidance.

The bike was down to the frame over the winter, and the carb was thoroughly cleaned and inspected. Last weekend it ran great/normal, this weekend was fine for the first hour then it started to act up.

Top end has about 30hrs on it and has good compression still, clean air filter every ride, always fresh gas, plug is good. I figured I had one more piston on the cylinder before a recoat, but as mentioned compression "feels" good and the bikes starts and runs fine. Seems like a fuel delivery issue to me, but not sure if it's the floats which seemed fine and in adjustment when we were in the carb a month ago.

Thanks for any info, a little stumped on this one...

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