Clutch in w/gas, bike stalls?

So I pulled my dirt bike out from winter storage (my garage) today, and after a dozen kicks it started up.  I would idle and rev just fine, however... when I pull in the clutch and try to rev it, it stalls out.  I can pull in the clutch without reving it and it will continue to run at idle.  The bike is not in gear, and was running just fine when I put away for the winter (had 2 rides on a ultrasonically cleaned carb too).  Stored with gas stabilizer.  Any ideas out there?  This doesn't make sense to me.

I have you tried holding the rpm's up high, and slowly pull in the clutch to see if it slowly kills the engine, or all at once?


What year, make and model bike?

I haven't tried that.  Will do tomorrow though.


So far I have just started it, choke on until warm and then choke off.  It will rev plenty fine in neutral no clutch.  I allow the RPMs to drop to idle, pull in clutch and rev and it dies.


This is an 04 yz450f.

I've never owned a Yamaha, but didn't some of their bikes have a switch located near the shifter, that would advance the timing when shifted into gear to idle it up some?


If you have that setup, not sure how it's all tied together though.


I would say to check your cable routing, as it may be flexing when you pull in the clutch, and pinch a wire and kill ignition spark; but I would think it would kill it at idle too. 


On other thing to think about.  I've been in the Automotive industry forever.  I've had vehicles come in with some of the strangest problems.  Problems that initially you don't think about because your looking for a naturally occurring problem.  When you finally pin down the problem, it was RATS chewing on wiring.  :jawdrop:

Definitly no rats.  Just seems odd.

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Oh no you don't.


Let's hear it! :naughty:

Make a new topic reading "help gray" and the master will figure it out

Sorry guys, no update yet.  Called out of town for work, getting back tonight.  Hopefully I can play around with it then.

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