07 yz450 compression braking

Hi everyone

Just wondering what the compression braking feels like on a healthy 07 yz450? Is it strong?

Non-existant? Mild?

This is my first 4 stroke so just wondering how it should feel, all my mates ride 450s and I have ridden heaps but all my buddies have are crfs, ktms and kxfs, the only close thing to mine I've ridden is an 02yzf426 and the compression braking is really strong on that thing.


Engine braking on the 450 is a little bit less than what the 426 has, but still good and useful.

Ok thanks. It's time for a piston and rings then. Doh!

Based on engine braking?  I'd say that's a poor way to judge it.

More than it would have with a slipper clutch. My lad was complaining about the lack of one on the KTM350SXF this weekend and was glad to get back on the Hinson equipped YZ450F. That's on grippy tarmac running road race wets or a supermoto ladder cut slick though.

Yeah I don't know, my line of thought is that if the engine braking isn't that great it might have worn piston rings?

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