2002 yz426f

I have a chance to buy one of these bikes how are they as far as power, rideability, agility,RELIABILITY, pros, cons and good mods and best parts to use oem or aftermarket im interested in this bike ive never owned a yamaha before and id like to know all about it any answers and pointers will be greatly appreciated thanks guys

Well I have an 02 its a great bike awesome torque and I'm pushing 50 HP but I've done extras stock is 45 and they have reliable engines. Never had any mechanical problems and I got it,it was ugly the guy had left it outside a lot but it looks great now one con is its a little heavy but not too bad once you practice on it.

They are powerful enough to hold their own anywhere, but their front suspension is dated, and although they do handle well, their weight makes them a lot of work compared to the more nimble 450's.  Aftermarket parts are starting to be difficult to find.


Their reliability is on a par with sidewalks and man hole covers.  I have more trouble with my sun dial than I had with my old 426.

Sundial. Ha ha ha

Thanks guys i bought the bike and i like it pretty good and it has good power its not as brutal as my old 88 cr500

...its not as brutal as my old 88 cr500


Few things are.

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