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What exhaust for my pig?..

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Hi all,


I realise this quiestion has been asked a thousand times before but I'm probably more confused by going through other peoples threads.


I'm looking to go with the FMF power core and the power bomb headers listed below..1997 model xr600, 37,000kms.





- Is this a good combo? or can someone recommend a better option?

- Is it relatively quiet? compared to others? as it will be ridden on roads

- is it easy fitment? no customisation? etc..

- and what jetting would suit this combo?


Thank you just trying to get the right combo..



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I have the powerbomb/powercore 4 on my 87 600. I like it a lot. I would not call it quiet but it isnt obnoxious, while cruising it doesnt sound loud to me but when you open it up it lets you know. If you want quiet, go a different route. It bolted right on easily. You will definatly want to up the jetting but my bike is dual carb so i cant provide specifics.

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