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96 125 parts question

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After a brand new dad gum motor my 96 cr125 just won't stop giving me trouble. I have a list of pretty major issues with the bike. 


1- I tried to crank it a couple of days ago. When I kick it you can hear air hissing from the front of the motor, like an air compressor pssshhh noise. And, it won't start. I'm thinking this has to be the seal where the pipe hits the front of the motor. This is some type of metal gasket right? Anybody have any ideas? I refuse to try and kick it some more, I'm afraid of damaging the brand new motor. 


2- Oil leak- enough to form about a hamburger patty-sized puddle after a couple of days. It is coming from where the front sprocket goes into the motor. Another gasket or seal?  How hard will it be to fix this? 


3- Chain is loose, and the nut on rear wheel adjustment apparatus is frozen and now stripped- I put heat on it, continually sprayed WD-40 and other stuff. So now I can't ride because the chain is too loose. Cut it off with a dremel tool? I'm afraid of hitting the threads on the bolt under the stripped nut. I'll post pics. What can I do?


4- In addition, the Acerbis chain guard I bought that was supposed to fit the bike perfectly guides the chain sideways on there. Wtf. I'm going to put the old one back on and just let the chain eat through the metal. I just don't understand. 


I'm just sick of this bike eating up money and then developing all sorts of problems after just one ride. I have to fix what's wrong with it now, so any suggestions/verifications on the self-diagnostic problems with the bike would be appreciated, as there is nothing worse than ordering the wrong replacement parts and wasting money. I'll post pics ASAP. 


I'm  just hoping that these are the kinks I'm working out of the bike since it sat up in previous owner's barn gathering dust for many years. I just don't understand how after an entire tune up and motor rebuild the bike is still plaguing me with problems.  :banghead:

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For one your bike is a 96. Beyond that its a dirtbike. You have to assume everyone before you had no idea of what they were doing, whether maintence or repair. Also, its a 125. Ive never had a 125, old or new that wasnt messed up in some way.

So, 1,

It might be exhaust is plugged up. Maybe a mud dobber or something. Maybe silencer is broken. Oth

Start by taking silencer off, or both pipe/ silencer and make sure you can blow air thru them. Shine a flashlight thru, something.


Countershaft seal.

But, it can be more than just a seal.

On hondas, well most, behing sprocket is a collar. Behind collar is a special type of oring. Special in that its not just round. It has a contour to it. Fits into the collar. I find most people leave it out, or mess it up.

So, leak between collar and seal, outer seal.

Leak on inner part of collar, like between collar and countershaft, then that inner oring.


Guessing you mean the chain adjuster.

Use a chisel/ hammer, aNd first try and break the nut loose.

Its tedious, but if that doesnt work, cut off like you mentioned and drill out. Worst case youll need to drill adjuster completly out. If you bugger the threads, helicoil it.

Its 8x1.25


Ufo make a good replacement slider for your bike.

Think its ufo # 2675.

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I just realized the butt plug was in when I kicked it.  :facepalm: . Could 3-4 kicks with the plug in damage the motor? I am such an idiot. . All this dang schooling and finals has fried my brain. I have the mental capacity of a toddler these days. 


As for the oil leak, I'll see about replacing both the countershaft seal and the contoured o-ring behind the collar you're talking about. I'll see what the oem prices look like. The kid that I bought it from "rebuilt" the top and bottom end. He built the top end wrong (ring was in backwards). Maybe he built the bottom end wrong too. 


Yes, chain adjuster. Would a narrow flat head screwdriver work?

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