fork rebound damper adjustment screw


Today I went to adjust the rebound damping on my forks. I immediately noticed that the left fork rebound damper screw was not "sticking out" a few millimeters like it used to (at 9 clicks out). The right fork does. Both were at 9 clicks out.

Does anyone know what is going on? I was going to pull the top cap tomorrow to check it out...


Steve T

Did you screw it in to see if it was still 9 clicks out (I'm expecting that it's not)? The only thing that I can think of is someone must have turned it in. The damper rod on the other side is under spring tension pushing up so I don't see how the screw could screw itself in due to vibration.

Yes - it was still at 9 clicks out. I turned it in to verify. Just seems weird because they were both sticking out a few millimeters the last time I adjusted the rebound a few weeks ago.

I'm going to dig into it as soon as wifey comes home to watch the kids!

Steve T

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That is determined by how far the damper rod screws into the fork cap. The rod is meant to be screwed into the cap as far as it will go. If it isn't, then the starting point (for full stiff) will be farther down than the other fork. The locknut for the fork cap must be screwed down the damper rod as far as it will go before the cap is screwed on to insure the cap is installed correctly.

MX Tuner,

Thanks for your reply. I was just in the garage looking at it. Of course you are correct. The locknut was not screwed all the way down. I guess I just overlooked it after I last changed my fork oil....


Steve T

Hey Mx tuner, Hows things up in cold Atlanta??

Got a question about fork caps for you. I have had two caps where the screw has stripped, leaving me with no rebound adjustment at all. I use a very small screw driver, so I don't really think its over tighting them thats done it. Any Ideas?????


Originally posted by Scott F:

The good news is that your damper rod did not unscrew itself from your cap.

No doubt! The lock nut was still tight against the cap when I took it apart, just not twisted far enough down on the damper rod. If I had known EXACTLY how it works I would've have freaked out at the track and quit riding right away. Fortunately, all was OK.

Steve T

[ January 14, 2002: Message edited by: skthom2320 ]

The good news is that your damper rod did not unscrew itself from your cap.

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