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86 xr80r no power

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i picked up a xr80r to putter around with my son hes on a jr 50 but any ways the 80 goes ok on flat ground jut a little slugish on take off but once it gets moving it goes good my problem is in the hills if i stop it doesnt have enough power to take off again i have to get off and push it up the hill but if i dont stop it will go up but it boggs right down on big hills it will stall if i try to make it up ive replaced the carb already but it made no differance wondering if it might be a clutch issue??? any help would be greatly appreciated 

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What did you replace the OEM carb with? If

there was no improvement, I propose reinstalling

the original carb before proceeding.

The clutch transmits power, it does not make

power. If the engine sounds healthy and revs

willingly, but the bike does not respond in kind

(as though there is slippage between engine and

the rest of the drivetrain), then the clutch assy

may need service.

OTOH, if the engine sounds poorly and boggs

or does not rev well, it needs closer attention

before considering the clutch.

Has the spark plug been inspected and either

cleaned or replaced. Have the ignition points

been inspected for wear and adjusted for proper

gap/dwell? Is there a strong spark from the coil

and cap? Have the valve clearances been set?

What is compression like?

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