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2010 KLX250 TM33/34 problem

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First post and very new to this site.

I recently purchased a bill blue tm33 pumper carb and I am having issues

Bogging out whenever the pumper is used from idol. I can slowly advance the throttle and everything seems to work okay. When I give it a full throttle she blogs, hesitates and eventually stalls.

Bill set it up with a 140 main and a

40 pilot. The fuel screw is 1.5 turns out and I my clip is on the 3rd slot from the top. My elevation is 650 feet and I am currently running a power core 4 exhaust with a power bomb header.

Do you see anything I could change to help improve the proformance?

I have called bill several times and I think I am starting to become a thorn in his side. I figured I would try this route before I bother him again.

Thank you for you time :)

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