Flywheel weights on sale anywhere ??

I have been searching for a sale on flywheel weights, has anyone heard of any sales. Or know where to get a good deal on them? Thanks, for any info. :)


If you take a closer look, the rebate flywheel on Stroker is for 98-99 YZ400F, KcHusky have a 01

00 and later YZF use a different flywheel than 98-99, so the rebate Stroker weight didn't fit on later model.

I've tried to buy one myself, and that was their own answer.

My 2 cent


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I just bought a 10oz from David at Atom Motorcycle Tours. He was very helpful. Drop him a line and see what he can do for you . I am a firefighter and have nothing to do with his business. His email is Tell him leatherlungs sent ya. Good luck and take care.

Dan_YZF, Didn't know there was a difference in the later years. Learn something new everyday!

KC Husky,

I'm sorry that it took so long, I just got my password to work. I just purchased a 12 oz flywheel for my 99 and it did wonders. I bought it from for 42 bucks + 8 bucks shipping. Check in the sale items!


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