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2010 Husaberg FX450 smoke on startup

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I've got a 2010 FX450 (70*) that I purchased used. Bike appeared to have low hours (original front tire, chain and sprockets, brakes, etc....) and I have since put about 20 hrs on it. My concern is that it appears to burn oil on startup. I first started noticing it about 10hrs riding time after I bought it but the funny thing is that it doesn't happen every time (maybe 60% of the time). Sometimes it fires up cold and the exhaust is totally clean and others it has quite a pronounced "puff" of grey/blue from the muffler and out of the joint where the muffler meets the headpipe. Usually it is just one puff when it first fires and then it is clear right away but on rare occasions it'll smoke a bit until its warm. It's quite annoying and I'd like to get it rectified if it isn't a major teardown job. I haven't overfilled the oil level (it's always at about 3/4 up the sight glass) and also don't think I've over oiled the air filter or anything (besides, one would think it would be smoking all the time if that were the culprit?). Any ideas? I'm looking at where to start in tackling this.... I'll do new rings and valve seals if that's what it takes but basically looking for advice and hopefully simple fixes at this point. Would a leakdown or compression test be a good idea? could the valves being out of spec cause this? Just thoughts...

Thanks a lot for the help

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It can even be more simple.


If you would overfill the bike wit oil (glass > 1/2) or if your piston rings are worn a bit you'll get overpressure in your engine and the breather hose might throw out a little bit of oil and or oil fumes into your airbox.


On my DRZ it also happend when running high RPM's on the freeway.


Now you will see that the drain (breather hose) which is there in the box is a little bit elevated so you'll collect quite a puddle in there. That excess of oil might be sucked in through the filter when the engine starts.


Double check it and clean it first before starting the bike. Should you this time not see the fumes, then it would have been the oil standing in the filter box.


How do I know? I have the same problem;-) But my compression is good, the bike starts every time first rpm's so no need to change the piston rings yet.


I heard this drain can be pushed down a bit, so that the excess level of oil will be a bit lower hence more away from your oil filter.


For more info:



Normally if too much oil is condensated in your airbox the excess might flow back into the breather hose.

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