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CRF 230 E-Start Issue

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Hi there,


I picked up a 2004 CRF 230F a while back.  When I bought the bike I knew the e-start didn't function on it.  Previous owner claimed it was dirt inside the start button. 


What I know:


- Bike runs.  Kill switch works.  Ignition key works.


What I replaced since I bought it:


- New start button / harness

- New kill switch / harness

- New start relay

- New battery

- New main wiring harness


As I said, the bike runs as it should with the exception of the starter button, which makes it a royal pain in the ass to start.


Are there any trouble areas I should check into that would inhibit e-start?  The neutral switch for instance? 


I'm presuming that with the neutral switch, if it's functioning properly, will read continuous to ground if the transmission is in neutral?  As of right now it reads open unless I have a bad ground point.


Further to that, the only wiring harness ground point I can find is at the coil where it bolts to the frame of the bike aside from the battery ground which I'm presuming good, since the battery will start the bike if you short the relay terminals.  The other grounds are internal (neutral switch, ignition pulse and stator).


Is there something obvious I'm missing?  Is there a quick work-around on this?  I can fab my own start circuit from the old wiring harness I guess, but I would really rather have this all work as it was meant to.


Thanks for any and all help!





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Scrap the above question.  Seems my neutral switch and clutch safety switches are both busted.  As a work around I've jumped out the clutch safety switch, but that's not a long term solution as it enables you to try starting the bike when it's in gear.  Stoked now!!  Got to put the beastie back together :)

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