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Starter gear slippage with pop noise.

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My Sons KLX110 2006 has issues with the kick starter slipping. I removed the starter gear to inspect and everything looks good with the ratchet and springs. I reinstalled it and slowly used my hand to compress and view the gears inside. While slowly compressing kicker, it grabs than makes a bang sound like the ratchet is hitting the case or ratchet is slipping and than no piston movement after that. When looking inside the case, there are small shavings what looks like gear shavings. The gears look new and have no teeth missing. I've read other posts and their stating to adjust the clutch, but I'm not sure if that is the problem and I can't recognize or see if the clutch is bad. Has anyone experience this issue. Any insight will  be helpful, being the Kid wants his bike back and asks Dad everyday " are you going to fix my bike today"

2006 KLX110.1.jpg

2006 KLX110.2.jpg

2006 KLX110.jpg

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