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What model Carb. Do I have?

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Hello All, I am trying to revive 2001 TTR125L that was intended to be a parts bike into a working spare. It seems the more I dig into it the more I find I have to fix.


When I bought the bike it was running but fuel was dumping from the carb bowl so I know there was some work to be done. Upon removal of the carb I noticed it only had 2 of the 4 bowl screws, is missing the carb components for the choke, fuel screw is missing spring and washer, float pivot is cracked, on and on. Since there is so much to fix/replace I think it is going to be better to just replace the whole carb but I want to do it as cheap as possible. I have read about the Mikuni carbs VM24 and VM26 for this bike but wasnt sure which carb I might already have and if I were to buy a new carb which one to get?


Two Questions:

1. How to identify the carb model I have now based on the pictures I have attached.

2. What is the best carb I can buy that has the right jetting (110 and 17.5) already done as recommended for this bike that I can just bolt up and go.


Many thanks for your help.

20140422_153720 (Medium).jpg

20140422_153732 (Medium).jpg

20140422_153739 (Medium).jpg

20140422_153753 (Medium).jpg

20140422_153803 (Medium).jpg

20140422_153809 (Medium).jpg

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Looks like the stock carburetor to me, a Mikuni VM20.


The easiest way is to buy another stock carburetor and install a 17.5 pilot jet and 110 main jet upon arrival.

Any place that sells motorcycle parts can get you those jets as that is a very basic Parts Dept. request by anybody that is half-awake.

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