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California Big Bear-ish next weekend... May 3

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EDIT: FYI - We changed the ride to Sunday May 4th so more guys can make it.  Also going to start the ride down in the desert so you really need 75-80+ range for this one.  I'd carry fuel for 100 miles just to be safe:thumbsup:



Gonna be reaching into the 90s in the desert so time to hit the hills....  Sunday May 4.


Small group...  very few dirt roads...  mostly all fun trails...  single track  and tight two track...  a few jeep climbs to hone your technical skills...  yes, Malcolm Smith trail on the list...  and riding in the TREES ! 


Pack a lunch...  no café stops...  don't need to be an uber rider...  but not a beginner friendly ride. 


Need tube, tools, water, lunch and 70-80 miles of fuel on you.


PM for more details.  :cheers:







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you know who that is right? its kenshaw720- before he became kennymc


hey hows the money in your wallet doing?



Yah i remember the original bigger pic of Mr Shaw. classic



i think ive lost $600 so far somehow.  Your cousin and her husband cool peeps super nice cool house too.

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Going to try to get my kx ready for this ride

I have to still split the cases, only magic is holding them together right now, I'll bring up both bikes so I have a back up trail bike

I think it should be ready

Hmmm I'll bring both bikes, but which one should I ride :confused: the kx is super plush,tractable and fast but te is super nimble, light, smokeier, and fast. Both have spark arrestors sitting on the bench, the bad about the te is I will have to mix gas and oil. Would I have to carry all my own gas and oil? Or could someone else carry both for me? If I need extra

I'm worried about the malcon smith trail, with the 2t pipe and dents, so I might just switch off bikes at the bottom of the hill and have my buddy ride it back to the truck, my buddy is a good rider so I'm not worried about him crashing -jnr

Either way, I jb welded the hole in the case, now I just have to fish out the socket I dropped in the engine

Should be ready. Will anyone be camping? I have a tent that fits in a truck bed

Where's the nearest place in big bear to find a good deal on enclosed trailers? I have $320 buck for a trailer

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so, looks like this ride is for girlz?


I'd be into it butt im not sure about the ish part and the bolt part.


so Im out.


Ill stay back and help upber fish out his socket.

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