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Staying consistent with 2T fuel and oil

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Did a little digging and didn't come up with much so sorry if its already been answered.  


For 2T's, is is important to choose a certain premix and stick with it?  

i.e.  During the life of a top end or complete engine, changing any the following: oil brand or type, mix ratio, octane, pump/race gas.  

Does changing any of these factors have any effect at all on the the longevity of an engine? (assuming that one always uses good oils and high grade gasoline)


I assume as long as the oil is good quality, its no big deal to change oils.  

In my yz125, I always run 93 pump gas and whatever Good quality oil is laying around or is cheap 32-40:1, but I'm looking to switch oils and stick with one for good.


I also have access to Sunoco 110 leaded mixed with racing castor oil.  Is it okay to burn this from time to time?

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