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'02 Honda CR125 Rebuild

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After years of not riding but wanting to, I finally pulled the trigger on a '02 CR125 that has clearly seen better days so that I can rebuild/restore when I have free time between work/kids/grad school. I bought the bike for more than I should have now that I pulled it apart and seen what all I need to replace/fix. I picked it up and brought it how and immediately started tearing it down with the intention of having it back up and running before May, well thats now out of the question and I figure I will take my time and make this a big that I have always wanted.


Tonight I pulled the head and cylinder off to take a look and see what I need to replace in the motor. Here is what I found.










The head will for sure need to be replaced but the flaps need to be cleaned up real good. The cylinder looks to be in good shape also.


With this being my first 2 stroke what does everyone think about the cylinder condition.

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