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2001 cr250 jetting help

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Hi guys I have a sick 2001 cr250 that I love and just got broken in and it is at 1.3 hours so this is my first two stroke and I have a couple questions on jetting and carb settings

*My bike smokes quite a bit when warning up does that mean rich jetting?

*I find it hard to set the idle so that I can use the choke for a cold start and let it idle for a bit but when I take the choke off it should idle very low and die in seconds without small blips of the throttle I just don't see how people do it it starts great first kick and let it run with the choke and during warm up the idle starts to raise so I take the choke of and the idle falls and dies I the try and start it with the choke of and it might hicup a bit but it just seems like the idle is just way way low

My jetting is at 420, 32.5 and 3rd clip


Mix is 32:1

Temperature is around 75

Sea level 611 feet above

Thanks guys just needin a bit of two stroke help

Thanks Ben

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