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CR500AF PWK jetting

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I have a CR500AF that I recently did a carburetor swap on. It has a 38mm Keihin PWK A/S or airstriker. I have jetted it and it seems to keep the same needle position and pilot, but just a different main jet. I was looking for something that I could tune in better, because the idle and choke on my PJ was the same and it didnt want to idle without being super lean. I got my PWK to idle with the idle screw turned in all the way, but it seems to sputter as I rev the bike at a stop, even when its warm. I tried to lean out the idle a little bit but its almost like the air/fuel mixture screw does nothing. I mean I literally had it vibrate completely out one time when I adjusted it at the shop, and it didnt seem to do anything different. All the way in and all the way out seems to do no difference. Do I need to get it taper bored because its too small, or is one of the jets just too rich cause of so much vacume pulling more gas through it? 


 I want to keep as much part throttle throttle response without it having inconsistent "hits", and that being the main reason I changed. Because people say that it has better part throttle response, which it did, but not much.

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