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Info about kips vent please

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Hi guys

I couldn't find an answer using the search function, so I'll ask here.

We rode at Hollister this past weekend and on the way back to the truck

my son (riding kx100) stopped at one point, he said the bike just started bogging down at high rpm and was making funny noises....grinding maybe.

Fired it back up, seemed fine, rode back to camp.

Other son took it out on the track, comes back and says it doesn't seem to have as much top end.

I rode it around the parking lot and honestly I couldn't say for certain. It wheelied strongly in first and second when the power hit (I weigh 220 lbs), and I thought just maybe it didn't develop quite as much top end before sputtering and power falling off but as I said I just don't know.

So today I finally get around to looking it over and the first thing I notice is the kips vent hose is missing. Gone completely! The black carbon deposits on the motor led me right to it.

I fired the bike up (second kick), sounds great, revs great. I put my finger by the kips vent and it's blowing air out like it's an air compressor....strong steady stream of air.

Is that normal? I never really gave that vent any thought before.

A little background on bike... 07, fresh motor that we've put about 20-25 hours on it.

I pulled the plug out of it and hooked up compression tester and it went up to 175 lbs. with about 4 or 5 kicks.


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