yzf 426 what year help please

Hi can someone help me figure year of my bike I've just bought as a 2002. Subframe is red from a can, frame isnt ally numbers is cj01c022615 my engine is j308e011375. I'm thinking its 01 now but would like sum1 with more no how.thanks this is my 1st ever bike I've rode and my god its hard to keep it on both wheels. I'm gonna need another 3 stone on my now 8 stone 5ft9 frame I think but less weight more fun I'd say

Its a 2002 because its in the code there

All bikes have the year in the 7th and 8th digit

The frame number you gave is incomplete.  It should be 17 digits.  Look for it on the steering head of the frame.  The tenth character (not the 7th or 8th) of the complete VIN will be 'Y' for a 2000, '1' for 2001, or '2' for '02.  The engine number can only be researched by someone at a Yamaha dealer. 



Thanks for replies. Greyracer that's the full number on the headstock barrel is that not right and if not any idea why? Any help is gratefull

The VIN may appear on another sticker on the bike somewhere, or on the title/registration papers.  All VIN's have been 17 digits for some time, although the coding in VIN numbers within the EU varies from the North American standards sometimes.  You may need to check with a local Yamaha dealer to figure this one out.

Long shot, and perhaps not definitive, but what's the number on the left side of the carb?

Hi code on carb is 5jg550pc07 have just been too my local MX shop and they don't have a clue hope I can figure this thanks

I have no reg or anything just hand written receipt an few receipts for parts fitted its off road only at min but want it as a daily ride on road to worK

The carb is an '01.  If I had to guess, it looks like it is the first 6 digits that are missing from the VIN, that the "1" is the year marker, and the 7 digits after it are your sequential vehicle serial number.

Thanks for that now I've recieved the bike no kick start or exhaust that is a good fit but had a 1 on and try to bump start it in my downhill backstreet but I pulled clutch whilst rolling and selected gear trying to start it like my other 1 I had but it just locked up as if I wasnt using my clutch but bikes in gear sum 1 plea!we help me have 1 last go before strip down and full rebuild by local motocross store or any advice on were to get rebuild done of bottom end and top end myself and the wife will do thanks

:uk:  Old School British Thumper Technique: 


  1. Put the bike in gear and pull it BACK until compression stops it
  2. Return to neutral, pull in the compression release and hold it
  3. Push the bike to speed, shift into second and allow the engine to start turning over
  4. Ease off on the compression release, and gently roll open the throttle just over an idle
  5. When the engine catches, pull the clutch in to keep it running, and/or ride it.

Thanks again I'll try that tomorrow. Any advice or problems I should look at is great help I have a manual and willingness to have a envious machine that will last

Hi eventually got time to try it out took 2 attempts with my small frame but I got it fired kicking bit of smoke out but cleared and now have kick start thanks for help. Any ideas how to jack up the back end another 20-50mm higher if that's possible?

Any ideas how to jack up the back end another 20-50mm higher if that's possible?


Try increasing the pre-load on the rear spring.  But pre-load is correctly adjusted while you are sitting/standing on the bike, wearing full riding gear.  Lots of info on here about pre-load, sag and ride height.

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