Hey BK, is Tim's gearing really 14/55

I read that it was in a DB mag, and was wondering if it is true or not.

[ January 13, 2002: Message edited by: Phillip Hutchinson ]

last i heasd was that they only use four of the speeds in the gearbox. so you'd better rethink your gearing entirely.


Timmy usually uses 14/54 or 14/55 for SX. For OD 14/49- 14/52 Depending on the layout of the track.

Just FYI

Hey Brian,

How's Timmy doin? We hope you guys do well this year.

By the way, thanks for the tuning tip. It's helped many of us understand these machines a little better. As you already know, with these things properly tuned they haul!

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