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Got spark, fuel, compression... no start (troubleshooting)

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Unusual places to check for a no start condition. 99 kx250. New top end, new transmission, new bottom end, new elevation, new v-force 3 reeds, new flywheel weight, new stator, coil pack, cdi box, new gas. First 2-stroke rebuild ever. I'm pretty mechanically inclined, but have made a few good rookie mistakes.

I've been searching for this no start problem for a while, cleaned the card about 8 times, checked main 3 about three times that. I think I found the problem though. After coming to the realization that the main three (spark, fuel, compression) weren't the problem, I decided to look further into timing. I removed the exhaust to look at the power valves, both where they should be, closed. Stumped again.

I knew that the guide pin on the flywheel side of the crankshaft should have kept the flywheel in proper alignment with the stator, but decided to do some fishing in case my new crank assembly was put together wrong.

The magnet on the flywheel was about 25° retarded from the corresponding magnet on the stator with the piston at TDC. I haven't ever heard where this was supposed to land exactly but seemed amiss. Hoping I was wrong, I decided that I would probably have to tear it down again (3rd time) and I didn't really want to do that, aside from not wanting to figure out how to deal with a crankshaft that was out of degree alignment.

I removed the flywheel and the guide pin was gone. No where. So, relieved and dumbfounded, I find and remove my old crankshaft guide pin and put it in the new crankshaft. The magnets line up at about -5° at TDC. Months of waiting and a dollar amount I'm not willing to count for parts and gaskets could have been solved by checking for this earlier.

I'm now waiting for a new water pump cover gasket, but I'm about 75% sure the bike will fire right up when reassembled. My buddy has a broken yz125 that I wanted to tell him I would rebuild, but haven't since I couldn't even get my bike started. I think its time.

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