My 2003 WR 450 has destroyed 10 starters since I have bought it! Help..

Will the 2004 Idler gear upgrade solve this constant issue?

Back in the day there was a lot discussion on the WR450 Starter problems. Something to do with a Woodruff key. Do a search in the Forum and maybe something will answer your questions. Also, it may not be the starter. Check the Starter Relay. They tend to go bad after extended use.

Define "destroyed starter"  


High pitched noise when starting?     Starter just does nothing?


The starters on these bikes are very small for the work they are being asked to do and cannot

stand much abuse.   If you have gone through that many starters there is either something wrong

with your engine cases and the starter is out of alignment or there is a problem with your starting technique.


I have a 2003 WR450 that I have owned since new.   I stopped counting the miles but it is

somewhere between 20,000 and 30,000 now and it has had ONE starter change about

a year ago.


Also, the woodruff key issue and idler gear mod has nothing to do with starter motor problems

but the idler gear change is a worthwhile mod.

So, you are saying you have spent $2500  in starters since you owned the bike?


I find that hard to believe.....


As mentioned, there is no 'issue' with the stock starter motor.


I would suspect you are eating up starter clutches, not starter motors, for some reason like always starting in gear with a poorly adjusted clutch (dragging).

2003 has the bad starter setup, the fix was locktite crap and over torque parts which means the starters then fail


do yourself a favor, do the 2004 conversion,  it fixes the clutch so it'll work properly instead of ruining another starter,  they can also break the case from kickback, I parted out a 2003 450 that had this happen, the clutch fix is worth it for more reasons than one

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