2003 yzf250 forks on a 2003 wr450?

Hey guys, a guy near me has forks for sale from an 2003 yzf250 for sale, wondering if these would fit on my bike (2003wr450) and if they would be a bit better for a faster rider?

Thanks guys!

Great looking bikes on here!

Same exact fork accept for the spring and oil height and valving, which are not that hot from the factory.

You would be better off getting a fork kit for the forks you have now and the proper spring rate.




Thanks for the help! Will look into it

....or buying a set of 2006 YZ 125/250/450 forks. The SSS version are waaaaaaaay better than the earlier ones. So good they are being used to this day on WR's and YZ's.

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