Adding rebound

Is it reasonable too firm up the rebound on forks too get better front wheel traction or bite. I'm new too geting clickers dialed. I know there are other adjustment too improve front end bite. I just wondering if this is ok too do in theory am I correct in thinking that slowing the rebound on the forks will help the front end stay hooked up coming out of the Apex of the turn. Thanks.

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Per Jeremy Wilkey:



The rebound damping is responsible for the stability and the cornering characteristics of the motorcycle.
1) Find a short sweeper. When the forks compress for the turn, the speed at which the forks return is the energy that pushes your front wheel into the ground. If the forks rebound too quickly, the energy will be used up and the bike will drift wide, or wash. If the rebound is too slow, the bike will tuck under and turn too soon to the inside. Find the appropriate balance for each track.
2). With the bike turning well, the wheel should return to the ground quickly yet not deflect off berms or bounce off jumps.

Thanks gray and I realize This probably should be in the suspenion forum.

Not necessarily.

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