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Hard Starting - problem solved

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This all started 2 years ago when the bike suddenly became hard to start; I had spark, I had compression

and I had fuel....ummmm. Checked valves - okay. I did notice that the petcock was leaking, so I changed

it for a stock unit with the vacuum tap. Seemed to work but not really convinced I found the problem - so

I lived with it for a year. 


Then this past winter, I kept finding small drops of fuel under the bike and again the bike was hard to start.

Read this forum and the ADV forums - everything was leading to sticking float bowl needle valve. every 

so often, I would get the engine to hydro-lock with fuel in the cylinder - which necessitated an oil change

each time.


I checked this by disconnecting fuel line and draining the fuel bowl after each ride. The bike started each

time after I ran through this procedure - which convinced me the needle/seat was leaking.


I order a carb rebuild kit from Bandit and last week-end stripped the carb and replaced everything except

the jets (I had the bike dynoed - so wanted to preserve the jetting). During the rebuild, I also found that the

petcock was leaking again - I replaced it again. 


Put everything back together and started the bike. It runs like a banchee...................


So after 5 days since the rebuild, the carb and petcock seem to be leak free. I don't get any heavy fuel

smell, no small puddles under the bike and the bike starts on the first push of the button.


Problem solved - I hope so...



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I assume we are talking about a DRZ400.  Must be a S or SM to have a vacuum petcock.  Did not post the age but quite common for the O ring on the float valve to be the main source of the problem if it is very old.  That and of course a petcock that does not shut off reliably.

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