WR426 2002 suspension fix

My riding buddy needs help!!!.

Since day 1 he's been playing every ride with the clickers trying do dial in his forks for Enduro riding. :)

Can anyone help by recommending a good setup for a 190Lb

rider without going to a suspension house or replacing parts, since we live in Israel and the parts are very expensive and hard to come by.

Thanks in advance


Hi Ezra, first of all, what's your problem? Too soft or too hard? If you can't buy no news springs or idraulic valve for your fork, you could try testing on the oil changing it and-or rising or lowering its level. In particular for level oil the standard set up is 130 mm (5,12 in) from top of the outer tube with inner tube and damper rod fully compressed without spring. The extent of adjustement is from 80 mm (3,15 in) to 150 mm (5,91 in): first value is for hard set-up, second value is for soft set-up. For intermediate set-up Yamaha recomend to adjust the oil level in 5 mm (0,2 in) increments or decrements.

I weigh 200, and ride mostly trails. After some fiddling, I am pretty happy with:

Compression (bottom clicker) at 11 clicks out.

Rebound (top clicker) 13 clicks out.

Front tire, Michelin S-12!!! This made more difference than any clickers, the stock tire SUCKS!

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