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2005 crf250x battery

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Check out www.batterystuff.com I bought the YTZ7S Scorpion 12v 130 CCA AGM about 4 years ago and it is still going strong. $45 and free shipping is hard to beat.

Whatever brand/make/distributor you go with, get a 130 CCA batt. The stock X batt only has something like 70 CCA's. The 130 CCA's will make starting your X much easier.

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Lots of battery options and I agree that more CCA would help.


The X needs at least a seal battery because the battery is mounted on its side.  From my experience with batteries in other applications:


AGM batteries have amazing high amp discharge capacity and high vibration tolerance, both nice for a dirt bike.


Gel batteries are sensitive to charge voltage so will have a short life without a well regulated charging system, which bikes do not have.


Li batteries have the greatest power density but require built in electronic charge controls, which most have. But they are pricey


So my choices are:

Cheapest; a sealed battery

Good choice; AGM

Best and lightest; Li battery

Poorest choice: Gel because of their voltage sensitivity and cost.

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