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2001 DR-Z 400S Ignition Circuit Questions

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1. What tells the CDI to "trigger" the ignition coil to cause a spark at the proper time?


a. can this signal be measured with a standard Digital Volt Meter (DVM)?

b. Where can this signal be measured (if the answer to "a" is "yes")?

c. What color wire would this be?

d. Could this wire be found at the CDI plug?  Which plug (there are 2)?

e. There must be a way to "align" the "timing" of this signal (such as 8 degrees BTDC): is there or is it fixed?




2. The specs call for an ignition coil primary peak voltage of "more than 150 volts":


a. can this be measured using a standard digital volt meter (DVM)

b. Is there a special adapter that is needed in addition to the DVM?

c. How is this level of voltage generated by the CDI?


That's all the questions for now!



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