Rocky terrain

Hey guys I have a stock low hour yz450 valved for mx I race about once a month In between I do once in a while go for a trail ride me and a buddy did about 30 miles of super rocky trails. I was wondering how hard this is on a bike you would like too keep in decent shape. I know this is a very general question just looking for opinions on weather this will run the bike into the ground in no time. I tend too set the bike up for mx because that's were I would like it too be competative but also do some trail riding that tends too be very rough terrain. Is this a bad idea. Thanks. Just wondering if this is very abusive or if its fine. I apologize if you saw this question on another post that was a accident.

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what are you worried about exactly?


Put a cheap skid plate on it that protects the full under body and ride

+1 on the skid plate. The only thing that will be affected is your tires and you'll notice large chunks missing before too long. Obviously the track is rock free and ultra plush when groomed so laying the bike down in the rocks can have a different outcome. But the thrill, scenery and smile factor from riding 30+mi of rocky trails is priceless and far out weigh any negatives so ride on! :ride:

If you don't already have them, a good pair of hand guards would be wise.

Thanks guys I guess what I'm worried about is that the bike is tight not a raddle trap it only has about 25 hrs on it I also just spent mony having it revalved. Bearings are all tight and greased. And I don't have the time or money too go threw the the bike bike every other week like some people do. Was just curious if a good rock pounding will be hard on her. I guess it is a dirt bike that's made too be riddin.

You  think putting around in the rocks is going to be worse than MX landings?  Maybe.  Don't think so.


The simplest thing you can do is, after recording your MX setup, Back your fork rebound off 4-6 clicks, and back your fork compression all the way out.  If it tends to dive too much or bottom, crank the comp back in a couple until it's OK.  That will make the fork comply with the rocks a little better. 


At the rear, the rebound may be OK as is, but again, loosen up on the compression, both high and low speed.  You'll like it a lot better.

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