Buyer financing fell through, still available if anyone is interested,


How 'bout you buy it for me? We could call it a belated birthday present!

Hey Kevin,

Havn't you pushed this birthday thing a little too far? :D BTW let me know if he goes for it and maybe I'll try your tactic. :)


'00 WR 400




If Mike is a good guy, like I FIRMLY BELIEVE HE IS, he will buy it for me.

And, I will let you know Russel!

I used to be a nice guy, but have recently changed that. If you put a new gel coat on my boat, paint my truck and car and they come out looking sweet, I will pick it up for you. I figure 2k to do the boat, top and bottom and 3k for the truck,cap and car. (no macco jobs) I think the car needs new struts as well. That would be a total of 5,500. I'd call that a deal. See, I am a nice guy. Oh yea, you have to throw in 20 cases of Magic Hat!

Now it really sounds good to me.


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How about a set of Mick Doohan's racing gloves (used in a 1995 GP race....) with his signature, photo, all framed......

Will that buy me the Wr250... :D

By the way I turned 32 about 2 months ago... :)

I got a coupon for a free happy meal, a stapler, $3, 6 paper clips, an old knobby, 5 gallons of used oil, and a picture of my ex's ass I'll trade you for the bike! :)



When in doubt, GAS IT!

What are you, YELLOW?

You had a deal untill you threw in the pic of your ex's ass. Too big for my walls. :D


Youre too late and too old. :)


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[This message has been edited by mike68 (edited 05-02-2001).]

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