Won't stay running and pops

So I put new rear pads and brake master cylinder on the old girl to see what it feels like to have rear brakes. Get dressed and come back out and my daughter had managed to knock it over. Gas was leaking out stood it up and let it set for a hour. I managed to get it started but needed to give it throttle to keep it going. Let it set for another hour got her going again and let her idle on the choke to warm up had some popping didn't sound like before it went down. Then just died real clean did slow studded just dead. Any thoughts. I just rebuilt the carb about 2 hours worth of riding ago it was running perfect. Thoughts?

Wow no one want to touch this one huh lol.

Maybe the float is stuck ?

Thanks I was thinking carb and hoping not to have to pull it apart.

Maybe stirred up some crap in the tank and clogged the pilot circuit. Does choke help?

Brand new tank 2 rides ago when I cleaned the carb last. I'll pull the carb this weekend.

Be careful I don't know how young your daughter is but a bike falling on a kid would not be pretty. Sorry I know this doesn't help your problem I just couldn't help it I have a 4 and a 3 year old and a big heavy 450. Good luck.

Agreed thanks

I say turn off the gas and let it sit for a day or two and try it again.  If that doesn't work, before pulling the carb, try tipping the bike over in the opposite direction it fell and tap on the carb body with something non-damaging, this might loosen up a stuck float as crf917rider said.  It's worth a try and will save you from pulling the carb if it works.

Good idea I'll try that tonight its been sitting for 3 days.

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