rumors about 14oz. flywheel weights???

Another question about flywheel weights. I have gone though the search files and still do not have the answer I'm looking for. I have heard that the 14oz. weights are causing premuture crank bearing wear. Is this true? Are any of you using the 14oz. and if so how long have you used them and how hard do you ride. As always thanks in advance.

i dunno about the 14 ounce...i race cross country and run a 12 ounce on my bike..havent had any trouble...cant see no reason for a weight any heavier..

i run my gearing 13/50 no weight.never have a stalling problem.i was staling like crazy withe the stock gearing,i ride mostly woods.

I run a Steahly 14oz flywheel for woods riding here in Colorado. I've had it for a year now. I've raced the Pikes Peak Hillclimb, Flat Tracked, ridden tracks, and trail riden with it on. Up to now I have not had one issue with it. It really made my bike come alive and much more fun for me to ride. Now, I'm not an awesome rider either. I'm an intermediate trail rider with no motocross racing experience.

Roostn in Denver

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