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FMF mounting bolt

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I recently got my 08 KX250f back together after a top end and piston/ring replacement. When I disassembled it I thought I got all the pictures I needed to reassemble it. When I got to reinstalling the exhaust (full FMF 4.1 with mega bomb header) I did not have any pictures of which side the of sub frame the muffler mounted to. Inside or outside? It seems to fit better with the bolt to the sub frame going from the inside through the mounting slot on the muffler then threading into the sub frame. (How does one post a picture from their smart phone? Obviously the user is not that smart?) I don't have a picture from the rear showing the original position of the muffler in relation to the fender. Now it seems the muffler is tight to the fender. I thought it was closer to the side cover as I tipped it over once and the side cover scuffed up the side of the muffler. Now there is about 5/8" of space between the muffler and the side cover but tight to the fender.


I should also mention that when I disassembled it, I noticed the intensionally indented part of the muffler near the slip on portion looked like it was rubbing on the rear shock spring. I weigh probably 30 pounds heavier then the previous owner and still need to make those suspension corrections. I really can't tell w/o some help if it is still rubbing mounted the way it is now.


Anyone help this newbie correct this problem? It was snowing today so I am taking the opportunity to correct this.





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