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How to test your stator with a multimeter

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handy.. everyone should know how to do this. There are way cheaper multi-meters, but that one is nice as it automatically sets, vs. trying to figure out which ohm setting to choose .. On later years, at least on an 04, you are looking for 50vt output from the stator (this may just be another method of checking). You need a special set of probes that plug into the multi meter, and you put the probes right on the correct terminals of the ECU behind the front number plate. Kick it over hard, and read the voltage. I had one that wouldn't start and it was below 30vt. It's likely had i just tested ohms, it woulda shown how yours did .. I just bought a used stator direct oem fit on Ebay. heard the aftermarkets are hit-miss on how they work, but not that a used one is any better.. but it's been working great and i naturally tested it prior to instal as you did.

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