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DR200 has problem starting when hot

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Howdy. I have noticed an issue with my 2007 Suzuki DR200. It only has 700 miles. I serviced it at 600 miles, cleaning carb, adjusting float level, and adjusting valves (no adjustment on intake and slight tightening on exhaust). The original petcock was replaced with Yamaha manual petcock. Fuel filter has been added to the line.

In warm weather I am noticing the following. (I am not sure what it now does in cooler weather.) Cranks immediately, without choke, and idles well from the beginning. Runs beautifully with good power. Idle is smooth at stop signs and lights. Everything is perfect..................But if it has thoroughly heated up and I turn the engine off and try to restart then one of the following occurs:

(1) if I immediately restart, as within 5 seconds, then the motor immediately fires back up and runs as beautifully as before turning it off, (it fires up without using any throttle or choke)

(2) if I let it cool 1-10 minutes, then it is difficult to restart and requires extensive cranking. The best observed strategy for restarting in this case is to alternate throttle between wide open and partly open. When it finally cranks, it takes a bit of throttle feathering to keep it going. It seems to me that a little flooding is going on, and the extra gas has to be burned away. After about 15 seconds it will be mostly back to normal and after about 30-45 seconds it will again be able to idle decently.

The bike cranks and runs beautifully, except when I attempt to restart a hot engine.

Question: Does anyone have ideas of what I should check or change to fix this hot cranking problem? Thank you in advance.


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