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08 trans go grindy grind... false neutral. machining?

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Damn it, really bummed here and not sure what to do...

The story: traded my snowmobile for this bike a week before I raced King of the Motos on it and a few weeks ago a deep sand race did her in.

The trans has false neutral between 3rd, 4th, 5th, during wide open acceleration. So, I pulled the motor and got the cases split. The dogs are all rounded along with the female parts that catch them. Shift forks look like they have contacted gears as well. Its about $1200 to fix trans plus a top end and or crank I was going to do just because. The bike isn't worth a lot but hard to justify going in the hole with it but turns way better than yz, crf, KTM, and has the volts at the head tube for GPS, plus its paid for.

Who machines worn trans gears? The Suzy dealer told me to have someone machine a slight angle on the dogs and females to hold it in gear better.

Any info is appreciated!


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