02 Suspension Help Pleaes

After my second ride and loving it (haven't had a bike in 10 years). I found that my bike was beating the crud out of my arms/hands. The only way I can run multiple laps is to keep the bike on the ground. Roll everything (boring). Even clearing table tops was painful. Now, it would be very hard for me to justify to my wife 600.00 @ racetech for a 6K Christmas present she suprised me with. Any help I can get on some settings w/ the stock suspension would be great, ie. oil level & weight, all rebound clickers, high/low speed compression settings and sag. There was a time (along time ago) when I kinda of knew what I was doing, but that was when I was riding 4 times a week so I had time to experiment. Now w/ the kids bikes and mine, my experimenting time is limited. Thanks in advance: 6'3", 240lbs. I know I am REALLY big for the stock setup, but I am going to have to deal w/ it for a while.


The forks will be a little harsh until after a few rides.

I would suggest getting some stiffer springs since you will easily blow throw the midstroke at your weight. That is, when you set the compression soft enough not to kill your arms, you will bottom too quickly.

I'm 190lbs, beginner/novice rider and changed out my fork oil recently. I refilled with Enzo 01 and raised the height to 115 mm instead of 130. It made a HUGE difference. I am able to ride at 4 clicks softer with no harshness and only mild bottoming (I was at 8 clicks, now at 12 clicks compression, 7 clicks rebound).

I think race-tech's web site has a calculator to determine the correct spring for your riding/weight. Changing out the springs is very simple, just loosen the top caps before you remove the forks from your bike, then follow the instructions in your manual to take the top caps off, then remove and replace your springs. No special tools necessary. While you are at it, consider removing the lower compression valve (requires 14mm hex and fork cartridge holder - see the thread "YZF midvalve" from a few weeks back) and drain out the oil, clean out any crud, and replace the oil.

Anyway, raising the oil level to at least 100 mm will help quite a bit, at least until you can get stiffer springs in.

Hope this gets you started.

Steve T

If youve only got two rides in then its not even broke in yet. It takes easily a couple hours of HARD riding before suspention works on this bike.

I remember when I got my 02 I was whishin for my )2000., Just give it a few more rides and see.

Steve's on the right track with his recommendations. Change the fork oil and use a good quality 5wt suspension fluid. You can easily get away with setting it at 90mm. This will help with the bottoming as much as anything you can do that won't hurt the plushness over sharp edged bumps (braking bumps, etc).

And yes, springs will be necessary. You'll get a big improvement with just springs even without a revalve.

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