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1993 DR650R Strange Sound From Engine VIDEO

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Hi! I've recently exchanged my old four-cylinder bike to a DR650R from 1993. The bike is lovely and really fun to ride. Althought it seems to make some weird noises from the engine. I've uploaded a clip on youtube so you can listen for yourselves.



Could it be the camchain or maybe the balancechain? Might be worth noting that the bike also seems to drink some oil. It used about 2-3dl of oil when i went for a 100km drive in speeds of about 80-130 km/h (roughly 55-85 mp/h).

It doesn't come any smoke from the exhaust but my dad thought it smelt a bit oily. Can it be the piston(ring) or maybe something with the valves? Or is it normal?


A lot of questions but i am new in the large displacement 1-cylinder world!

Best regards, Marcus  :thumbsup:

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