WR250/450 free upgrades

I am wondering what are the free upgrades that are offered with these bikes. I went to the yamaha shop the other day and asked and they told me that they had no idea what I was talking about. Just wondering what the upgrades are and how they affect the bike. Any info would be great, I am looking at possibly getting an 04 wr250 or 450. :)

Well...as far as the ones I know of...

Remove the airbox snorkel

replace the rear baffle with a new freer flowing one or a new can altogether

Cut the gray wire

Rejet per specs found throuout this forum

Good luck!


they aren't upgrades that might come in a box. they are free modifcations. the bike is very choked up when stock. you might have to buy a couple jets. i'd be suprised if your dealer didn't know about the gray wire, throttle stop, air box baffle, and exhaust tip. there is a heck of a bike hiding in there!

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