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Need some clarification on which shim stack to adjust

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I've been messing around with revalving my suspension for a while now and I'm getting closer but could use some input.

Everything is recently rebuilt, properly sprung, and fork and shock sag are set.  I primarily ride enduro/hare scramble type terrain in the rocky mountains.


The problem I'm trying to address is a lack of fork compliance on trail junk/rocks at 1st gear speeds.  At low speeds the forks deflect and transfer the feeling from every single pebble into the bars.  At higher speeds (2nd gear and up) the forks feel great and can absorb any hit without deflecting of getting harsh.


My other bike was setup by a well known company and I've had it apart and was surprised by the stacks they used.  They've setup many bikes for me in the past but I've always had problems with bottoming so it motivated me to learn to do it on my own.  This setup is super compliant on trail junk and soaks up everything.  You hardly feel anything in the bars if its smaller than 10" which is amazing on trails but it can't handle a hard hit or a drop over 6' without bottoming.  


The only difference between the two different stack setups (mid/base/rebound) is in the low speed on the base valve.


My questions are as follows:

1.  Is the low speed stack on the base valve responsible for fork movement at lower bike speeds, and dampening slower fork movements?


2.  If I am looking in the right direction what would be the best way to get more compliance over trail junk without losing the feel I have in the faster section?

  A.  Remove more face shims?  

  B.  Add a bleed shim against the valve?  

  C.  Create a two stage stack with a crossover shim?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Can you post the 2 stacks to compare? What bike is it?

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